1. This is what happens when you’re dog video is featured on http://www.pawmygosh.com/ 

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    Stephanie Dowda - Ventura CA.

    Love these!

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  4. Possible New Project!


  6. "We are the “Copy and Paste” generation."
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  7. Tried my skill at a bit of illustrating just for fun- all the letters were illustrated.

  8. CALL(ED) HIGHER from Chris Neal on Vimeo.

    Finally finished this piece. It took me forever (I really just had to finish it and get it done). As a creative getting stuck on something seems to always be a problem- and this is a huge obstacle to overcome with personal projects since there are no deadlines.

    I’m not sure if I am happy with the final product really- but honestly I was spending to much time tweaking things that may or may not have helped the film.

    Tons of inspiration was from Salomon Ligthelm (ligthelm.tv) on this one. From the dark grading to the book throw- I don’t claim it to be too original.

    The idea of the film explores repentance; specifically drawing from ISAIAH 55. Isaiah speaks of the thoughts and ways of God being much greater and much higher than our thoughts and our ways. The wisdom from a child to a parent is a pretty big jump. From finite to infinite is an insane jump. Even the oldest wisest men live to be what- 90 years? Match that up with eternity and the wisdom gap is like a piece of gum attached to a rope that goes from one side of the universe to the other.

    Here are some reference images I used for the film.

  9. This video immediately caught my attention. The product made me laugh- yet there is a sense that the product is amazing at what it does. Symbolic marketing with a twist of humor (because let’s face it- the topic is pretty funny).

    Why can’t companies that market other “taboo” type products market them in the humor realm? Someone needs to do this with Toilet Paper.

    Come on Charmin- take a leap at humor!

  10. Wow, this video is so touching. A brief glimpse into where marketing is headed. Nobody cares about how many germs gum kills or how good it tastes.

    This is brand positioning at it’s finest folks:

    Symbolic Positioning is used here to identify and connect with the target audience. Most companies try and do this- then they rush back into functional marketing (Our gum does “this” and “that”).

    Extra is killing it.